Gold 2.0 Or Bubble? The Hopes And Fears Of Bitcoin’s Rapid Rise (rt

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Bitcoin 2.0 shows technology evolving beyond use as money.

1 Jan 2018.

Gold 2.0 or bubble? The hopes and fears of bitcoin's rapid rise (RT DEBATE) — Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) December.

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2 Dec 2017.

But as bitcoin hits the stratosphere, there are fears an economic bubble.

Economists have compared bitcoin's meteoric rise with past bubbles,

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14 May 2017.

A collection of bitcoin tokens sit in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on.

burst through $50bn, raising fears of an asset bubble in the unregulated market .

which has risen 55 per cent this month and is worth more than gold,

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Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - Full Documentary22 Oct 2017.

This year's stunning price increases fit all the hallmarks of a bubble.

catalyst driving the growth and a fear-of-missing-out mentality seems to be at play.

With Bitcoin's rapid rise in price this year, a lot of investors have seen their portfolio.

BitPanda CEO Eric Demuth Says Bitcoin Is Gold 2.0 for Millenials.