I Have A Lot Of Respect For Roger Ver And The Bitcoin Cash

Why I have ZERO respect for the policeThere’s a change of payment culture happening on the back of lockdown. COVID-19 has impacted businesses large and small, but.

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04/06/2020  · Watch as Roger shares a shocking story about being scammed by a car dealer, and what the DMV had to say about it. Remember to subscribe to.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver says that, to his knowledge, he did not pay for a Hong Kong vending machine to avoid.

CryptoGlobe caught up with Roger Ver at the World Blockchain Forum, he told CryptoGlobe how he discovered Bitcoin and why he has since switched his focus to Bitcoin Cash. We spoke about some of the most pressing issues facing Bitcoin Cash such as the possibility of a 51% attack because of its low hashrate compared to Bitcoin (at press time it is 7% of Bitcoin’s).

Charles Hoskinson believes that this complex cryptographic technique could have helped avoid the Bitcoin Civil War that led.

After balking at the economic proposal made by Major League Baseball on Tuesday, the players’ union is planning its own pitch.

Roger Ver has claimed to be meeting with a national head of state to discuss making Bitcoin Cash an official currency of a.

Former Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver, was shilling Bitcoin Cash on CNBC’s Power Lunch yesterday. During the interview, Ver maintained his position that BCH “is the real Bitcoin”, and suggested that it could go up in price by 1000 times the current value.

Well, things took another ugly turn on Monday and one thing has become quite clear – the owners are quite fine with deploying sketchy tactics to try to make it look like the players are the bad guys.